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Sisyphus Runs | Cinema Movie Trailer

Sisyphus Runs - is a short film written, directed, produced and shot by Hayden Chisholm. In his own words "this is a story that combines two passions of mine- mythology and mountain running. Although at that time of production all kinds of events happened that completely turned my shooting plans on their head I still managed to thread together the story I'd been carrying in my head for a good year. Once finished, I literally collapsed- I'd mange to completely empty myself- it felt just like finishing an ultra marathon with my body and mind".


Credits Georg Reddig: Film Editing (Cinema Film and Trailer), Voiceover Recordings, Sound Design & Mix, Webdesign of

Weerulin METEC | Image- and Product Film

WEERULIN METEC - Image and Product Film


Credits Georg Reddig: Entire Post-Production, Film Editing, Voiceover Recordings, Sound Design & Mix, Music Production, Animated Logo-Design. Also three other Films for the Weerulin METEC.

Weiße Ritter | Cinema Movie Trailer

Weiße Ritter - German Cinema Movie - Westendfilme Produktion, D 2015, 81 min, mit Steffi Gosejohann, Markus Mischkowski, Kai Maria Steinkühler, Claudia Basrawi, Jens Claßen


Credits "Trailer" Georg Reddig: Film Edit, Sound Mixing


Credits "Cinema Movie" Georg Reddig: Sound Design, additional Music Composition and Production, Webdesign: and

UDO - Hey Maria! | Music Video

UDO - Hey Maria! - Music Video for the owner of the bar "Clownerie" in Cologne. As it was a present of his wife, we composed the Song "Hey Maria" especially for him and then produced this video in our studio in Cologne. For Udo it was the first time in his life infront of a microphone - WELL DONE UDO!!!


Credits Georg Reddig: co-Music Composition, co-Production, co-Lyrics, Video-Shooting assistance

Cowboys on Dope - Revolution Blues | Live Concert, Cologne

Cowboys on Dope - As a side project to their band Rausch, Peter Sarach and Wolly Düse founded the formation Cowboys on Dope in 1996. Intention was to play concerts with the smallest effort. In 2001 the guitarist Thorsten Dohle joined the band. The special feature of the trio is that drummer Wolly Düse uses an empty guitar case instead of a drums and the amplifiers have the size of a shoe box. The band played, among others, concerts in the WDR Rockpalast and as support for bands like Eels, Scorpions or Fury in the Slaughterhouse.


Credits Georg Reddig: co-Camera, co-Film Edit, co-Live-Recording, Sound Mixing

Honey & Funny | Comedy Series Trailer

Honey & Funny - A Comedy Series with Esther Schweins, Miriam Henseling, Jorge González, Martin Luding, Hugo Egon Balder, Wigald Boning, Ralf Bauer, Katharina Fecher, Director: Klaus Knoesel Idea: Esther Schweins and Miriam Henseling


Credits Georg Reddig: Entire Post Production, Film Edit, Music Composition and Production, RESCUE OPERATION !!!

Inne die Spinne und ihre Freunde | Childrens Music

Inne die Spinne und ihre Freunde - Eine Kindermusik-CD für Kinder ab 3 bis 99 Jahren :-) Wer nicht glaubt, dass Spinnen superklug sind, dass Schlangen prima tanzen können und Ohrwürmer den ganzen Tag Schabernack treiben, der muss diese CD hören! Aber Vorsicht: Kann bei übermäßigem Genuss zu tagelangem Singen und Tanzen führen!


Credits Georg Reddig: Music Composition & Production, Lyrics, Some Vocals

Warum | Music Video

Warum - Georg Reddig and Stefan Keller composed and produced this song in Cologne. The lyrics had been submitted by a studio customer with the request to make a song out of it. That is the result. Jan Postel and Georg Reddig shot the video in front of his house during one afternoon.


Credits Georg Reddig: co-Music Composition & Production, Vocals, Video Edit

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